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As a Venture Partner with the Google Cloud for Startups Program, Bold Brain Ventures (BBV) will be working directly with Google to provide participating BBV affiliated companies with a multitude of technical tools and benefits as they develop machine learning solutions in healthcare. 

With increased access to Google’s cloud services, marketplace platforms, and development teams, startups may be able to better train their algorithms, improve their healthcare solutions, and commercialize their products for use in clinical care.

A Bold Brain Ventures & Google partnership could be highly beneficial to Radiology AI startups and investors. Bold Brain Ventures is currently accepting accredited investors for our investment offering for a limited time period. 

The package that is available for BBV affiliated AI startups that choose to participate (provided by the Google Cloud for Startups Program):

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Google Cloud for Startups: Spark Package

The Google Cloud Startup Program is designed to help startups build and scale using Google Cloud. We are a small team with startups in our DNA. We appreciate what makes early-stage companies tick, and we think that Google Cloud’s continued success over the next decade will be fueled by great companies yet to be born. But like you, we’re mostly here because startups are challenging and fun and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Startup Support

Startups eligible for our Spark Package will receive $20,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits*, good for 12 months.In addition to Google Cloud Platform Credits, startups in our Spark tier are eligible for:


•  Invitations to exclusive, local Google Cloud events.

•  Access to Hire FREE for 6 months - a $600 value. (Currently only available in the U.S.)

•  $500 in Qwiklabs credits to kickstart your company's hands-on lab training initiatives.

•  $200/month for Google Maps API, good for 12 months.

•  One year of free G Suite (up to 10 users - only valid for new domains) or a year of discounted upgrades to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise.

•  $150 off Stripe Atlas incorporation and fully waived processing fees for your first $10,000 in Stripe transactions

•  $3,000 in credit for MongoDB Atlas - including technical support and free access to events.

•  An opportunity to apply for our Surge program to extend your credits to up to $100,000 for a second year as your business continues to grow.


Cloud Credits are available for early-stage, technology-based startup companies that are focused on growth potential, based in an approved territory, have not previously received promotional Cloud credits outside of the free-tier offering, are less than 5 years old, and have not raised more than a Series A.


Building Community

We know that startups are wired differently, and that success for you and us means getting scrappy and creative. We have a strong presence at private and public events, exec dinners, workshops, hackathons, competitions, and more.

Bold Brain Ventures is thrilled to partner with Google Cloud for Startups, and we hope that BBV affiliated companies will choose Google for their marketplace and cloud services. However, we respect that AI developers have the right to select the platforms and tools that best suit their company's needs. As such, BBV affiliated startups are invited to, but not required, to participate in this program.

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