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The Offering

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Investor Limit: 99 Limited Partners

(can be an individual, group, or entity)

Minimum Subscription: $25,000

Target Size of the Fund: $100,000,000

Investment Opportunity

Bold Brain Ventures plans to invest in a global portfolio with a variety of different AI solutions in imaging. The fund will invest strategically across the value chain in radiology to improve efficiency, workflow, and diagnostics.

A small percentage of the exiting companies will likely result in most of the financial gain. Therefore, management believes that investing in a diversified portfolio is more likely to yield profitable outcomes and be less risky than investing in a single venture.

Projected Timeline

Capital deployment will likely occur in 1-3 years. Startup company exits will likely be via acquisition by larger companies, which will typically occur over 3-7 years. The fund expects to conclude in year 10. This is a long-term opportunity.


There are 99 Limited Partnership slots. These spaces are reserved for accredited investors, such as high net-worth individuals, angel investors, family offices, venture capitalists, institutions, entities, radiologists, and radiology practice groups. 

The minimum subscription level of $25K will allow radiologists to take a financial stake in their area of expertise. Pre-existing groups, such as radiology practices, may also invest as one entity for just $25K, with individual members of the group each contributing a portion of the capital. 


An individual or group can also add capital periodically as desired after securing one of the 99 spots at the minimum investment amount. Learn more about how to invest in the fund here.  

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